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Bay-Lakes Council Sponsored NRA Range Safety Officer Class

Interested individuals will be trained in the proper use of the National Rifle Association methods to run a range safely. The training includes conducting a range safety briefing, evaluating range layout, solving malfunctions and stoppages, and awareness of emergency procedures. Upon successful completion of the class and exam you should be able to safely run a shooting range. This will enable you to help on the ranges at Summer Camp and to assist your Troop with Troop shoots. Both an NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) and an NRA Certified Instructor are necessary to run BSA Shooting Sports programs. 

Attendance at class does not guarantee you will pass. Candidates must show the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to become NRA Range Safety Officers.

The Range Safety Officer class is Friday night and part of Saturday. You may continue the course through Chief Range Safety Officer if you pass the Range Safety Officer class.

The Chief Range Safety Officer can train Range Safety Officers and run multiple ranges. This class requires you to complete the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) first. BIT starts on Saturday after the Range Safety Officer class is complete. The Chief Range Safety Officer class follows the BIT. 

If you have had Basic Instructor Training within the last two years, your Chief Range Safety Officer class will begin Sunday morning.

Range Safety Officer only will attend Friday night and half a day Saturday. Registration opens at 5:00 PM Friday.The fee is $40.00.  

Current Range Safety Officers who want to become Chief Range Safety Officers and do not have BIT will start on Saturday afternoon and finish on Sunday late afternoon. The fee is $50.00.

Current Range safety Officers who want to become Chief Range Safety Officer and who have already completed BIT attend all day Sunday. The fee is $35.00. 

The full sequence - RSO, then BIT then Chief Range Safety Officer attend Friday night through late Sunday afternoon. Registration opens at 5:00 PM Friday. The fee is $70.00. 

You must be 21 or older to attend these classes.

For clarification or specifics of the class, start times for specific courses please contact Don Ascher at donascher@icloud.com or (920) 857-8044.


Please bring the completed parts A and B of the BSA Health and Medical Forms with you to the event.

Note: This event is set up as pay-online only. Please have either; debit/credit card, checking/bank account information, or paypal account available to register and complete your order.

Registration Key

RSO = Range Safety Officer

BIT = Basic Instructor Training

Chief RSO = Chief Range Safety Officer


Contact E-mail
$35.00 per Chief Range Safety Officer
$50.00 per Chief RSO & BIT
$40.00 per Range Safety Officer
$70.00 per RSO BIT & Chief RSO
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Please be advised: Due to credit card processing fees and administrative costs, any approved event refund request will incur a 10% processing charge.


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