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STEM Day at Cub Scout World, Camp Rokilio - Session 1

STEM Day at Cub Scout World, Camp Rokilio - Session 1
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14404 Rokilio Road
Kiel, WI 53042, US
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STEM Day at Cub Scout World, Camp Rokilio
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Cub Scout World, Camp Rokilio
October 5, 2013
Session 1: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

STEM Day at Cub Scout World for new Cub Scouts is an exciting new program which will provide Cub Scouts with a variety of hands-on Fun Stations allowing them to meet the requirements needed to obtain both the geology and science belt loop. Fascinating science booths have been planned and come equipped with fun and exciting hands-on science activities. Cub Scouts will love visiting the hands-on fun stations and parents will enjoy the educational aspect of the Mad Science experience. Activities will include:  Machines, Slippery Things, CSI Detective, Earthworks, Minerals, Archery, and BB  Guns. All activities are designed to be hands-on and interactive to ensure that Cub Scouts are provided opportunities to actively participate.

Descriptions of Each Fun Station

Mad Machines Station
Scouts will go through the steps of the scientific method to test which inclined plane height is easiest to pull a bag of marbles up. Scouts will utilize spring scale to measure. They will also complete a worksheet to walk through those steps. The scouts will receive a bookmark which states all of the steps of the scientific method.

Slippery Science Station
Scouts will be introduced to three types of slime which have had different amounts of ingredients which results in runny slime, goopy slime, or chunky slime. Scouts will test which one stretches and which one blows the best bubbles. Scouts will then make their own polymer – SLIME to take home.

CSI Detective Station
Scouts will learn about being a forensic scientist. Scouts will learn about a crime and the science that is involved in solving the crime of the “missing recipe”. They will make observations, ask questions about what they see in the crime scene. They will then test items found at the scene to solve the crime. They will take home a Scene Solver where they can create their own crime scene to investigate at home.

Earthworks Station
Scouts will learn about the layers of the earth by viewing a model of the earth. They will then view, handle, and organize metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks and place them in the rock cycle. Scouts will also view minerals with special properties: they fluoresce under UV light. They will a
lso discover what can be hidden in a geode that they will try to open. They will take home a geode.

Mineral Mania Station
Scouts will learn basic principles of minerals and about what geology is. Scouts will classify minerals based on their properties. They will learn about how scientists classify things by classifying their shoes first. Then they will classify the minerals like geologist do use Mohs Scale of Hardness. They will also discover learn facts about minerals and play a short game. They will receive mineral pencils to take home with them.

Archery and BB Guns Station
At these stations Scouts will be able to apply the training from Archery and BB Gun Safety. They will actively see energy transferred and how wind, velocity, gravity, and leverage affect the flight of both a BB and an Arrow.  Each Scout will be able to participate in shooting arrows and BBs in approved safety ranges.


Lunch is not provided. Additional details will be forthcoming, please check back soon for more information and registration information.

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