Fall Mom & Son

Fall Mom & Son
Last Day To Register
14404 Rokilio Road
WI 53042, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

"Action! Cut! Print Memories!"
is the theme for the Fall Mom & Son event this year.
 Space is limited to the first 400 participants, Moms and Sons combined.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time do we have to arrive?

Please plan according to the schedule above. The best plan is to come as early as possible to get your tent set up in the daylight hours. We will not be able to let anyone into the camp before 3:30 p.m. Staff must be in place before anyone can go into camp; it is for your safety.

Can we sleep in the theme buildings?

No. This is tent camping. The buildings are off limits unless there is a program running inside.

How far do we have to walk to get to our site?

It is somewhat of a hike to walk to your site (in the woods on a dirt road) depending on what site you are in.  We are planning on having trailers to take your gear into your site, but you will have to walk to the site.

Is supper provided on Friday night?

We will have pizza available for purchase from 4:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please do not take food into your tents. The woodland critters know how to get it.

Are Showers available?

There is a shower house. “Rosie” will be open and an event shower schedule will be posted. 

How should we pack our gear?

Even though your gear will be brought in by trailer the trailers are not covered, so watch the weather and pack accordingly for rain or sunshine. Best bet always pack as if it were going to rain. Also, you will be have to carry your gear from your vehicle to the gear pick up location, so the fewer gear items, (suit cases, Duffel bags, totes, etc..) the better. Gear may not be put together at the drop off in the site so try to label your gear.

What if one of us has a food allergy?

Please contact Randy Wildman at granwild@att.net.

Contact E-mail
$15.00 per Additional Son
$30.00 per Mom
$30.00 per Son
Cancellation Policy
Please be advised: Due to credit card processing fees and administrative costs, any approved event refund request will incur a 10% processing charge.


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