Bay-Lakes Council DNR Hunter Safety

Bay-Lakes Council DNR Hunter Safety
Last Day To Register
2/12/2016 10:00 AM
14000 Bear Paw Camp Lane
Mountain, WI 54149, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Bay-Lakes Council Hunter Education Program


The Bay-Lakes Council is pleased to announce a Hunter Education instruction weekend to be held at Bear Paw Scout Camp. The purpose of this safety education weekend is to reduce the potential for hunting accidents, injuries and fatalities; to reduce the potential for conflict between hunters, landowners, and other resource users; and to promote safe, responsible, and ethical use of the environment and our resources. This event is open to all Venturers and any Boy Scouts ages 12 years and older.

This program is being conducted by Hunter Education Instructors certified by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Participants are under the careful watch and supervision of these persons and other well qualified staff at all times. The cost for the weekend includes meals, lodging, instructional materials, and ammunition. Under no circumstances is anyone to bring any ammunition with them to camp. Anyone found possessing ammunition without the knowledge and consent of our instructors will be dismissed from the class and asked to leave camp immediately.

Things to bring:

  • Full Class A uniform (for a class picture)
  • Any uniform associated with your Unit
  • Sleeping gear
  • Toiletries
  • Your firearm (recommend you bring your own firearm).
  • All required signed & completed forms


<span style="font-wishing to obtain hunter’s safety certification will need to complete approximately 10 hours of online training before arriving at camp. (All forms needing to be signed and completed will be found below, EXCEPT the Student Safety Course Registration Card which will be mailed to participants.)

BE PREPARED for all weather conditions as all events to be held outdoors. 

If you do not have a firearm, one will be provided to you.

All Non-participating Adults & Leaders must wait until they arrive at camp to see if there is any availability to participate in the course and will be on first come first serve basis!


All 4 Forms/quiz answers ARE REQUIRED & MUST BE BROUGHT TO CAMP to participate!

**Code of Conduct Form

**Talent Release Form

**10 Hour Online Training Information - Answers for each quiz must be brought to camp for instructor verification

**Student Safety Course Registration Card - Mailed to participants


All Wisconsin Hunter Safety Students are required to obtain a WI DNR Customer ID Number before the completion of any recreational safety class and will be required to provide that WI DNR Customer ID # along with student’s personal information to the instructor.

You can obtain a WI DNR Customer ID # from 7Am to 10 PM by calling the WI DNR customer service at (888) 936-7463 or you can visit a WI DNR service center during their regular scheduled hours.


Please contact, Jack Van Sistine at Phone: (920) 639-8131 or e-mail, if you have any further questions.

Contact E-mail
$40.00 per Non-Participant Adult/Leader
$50.00 per Scout/Venturer
Cancellation Policy
Please be advised: Due to credit card processing fees and administrative costs, any approved event refund request will incur a 10% processing charge.


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