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2017 NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Class

2017 NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Class
Last Day To Register
14000 Bear Paw Camp Lane
Mountain, WI 54149, US
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Bay-Lakes Council Sponsored NRA Certified Pistol Class

Qualified individuals will be trained in the proper use of the National Rifle Association methods to teach Basic Students. The training includes the FIRST-Steps program which is now used to teach Venturers Pistol handling and shooting. There are two separate classes, a shooting qualification and candidates must pass all phases.

Basic Instructor Training is the first part of any NRA Certified Instructor Training. It teaches Instructor Candidates how to setup and properly present the learning material following the NRA teaching methods. This class is at least six hours.

Basic Pistol Instructor Training is specific training to teach Instructor Candidates the Basic Pistol class. Your training will mirror that of your students. You will learn how to use Total Participant Involvement as a tool. 

Shooting qualification will be done during the course. You must meet the minimum standard to complete the class. Qualified candidates will be given the standard required.

Attendance at these classes does guarantee one will be Certified. Candidates must show the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to become NRA Certified Instructors.

For clarification or specifics of the classes please contact Don Ascher at or (920) 857-8044.


Please bring the completed parts A and B of the BSA Health and Medical Forms with you to the event.

Note: This event is set up as pay-online only. Please have either; debit/credit card, checking/bank account information, or paypal account available to register and complete your order.

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$60.00 per Participant
Late fee
After 4/16/2017 a fee of $40.00 will apply.
Cancellation Policy
Please be advised: Due to credit card processing fees and administrative costs, any approved event refund request will incur a 10% processing charge.


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