These resources include useful information to aid you and your Unit in having a successful sale this Fall.

As always, we are here to help you with any questions.


Alex Behrend:  Alex.Behrend@scouting.org / (812) 369-5712


Register for the 2018 Popcorn Sale Here


Kernel Journals


2018 Product Sale Calendar & Commission Structure

2018 Product Pick-up Locations and Schedule

Popcorn Kernel & Staff Contacts

Don't know what District you are in?
Click here for a list of Counties each District covers.





For Unit Kernels

Unit Kernel Position Description

Unit Inventory Spread Sheet

Unit Finance Spread Sheet

Unit Kernel
Check List

ACH - Enrollment Form


Parent Pick Up Form

Tasting Kit Name Cards

Military Donation Receipt

Popcorn Product Receipt

Sorry We Missed You Cards

Product Nutritional Information

Keller Prize Program

Keller Prize Brochure

Keller Prize Order Process

Keller Prize Order Tally Sheet

Keller Prize Order Entry Link
Keller Key: 635blc

Unit Planning

Unit Planner/Unit Budget

Setting Sales Goals

Suggested Order for Show & Sell

2017 Unit Sales Totals

Unit Sale Finance

"Training" Record & June 30th Membership

Sales Number by Unit – 2016 vs. 2017 Comparison

ALL Scouts Bonus Prizes

Bonus Prizes

How to Enter the Winner Circle Prize

Individual Scout Sales Report Form

STAR WARS Movie Details

STAR WARS Movie Ticket Order (Starts 10/31) 

Unit Kickoff Tools

Benefits of Selling Popcorn

7 Reasons Boy Scouts, Not Just Cub Scouts, Should Sell Popcorn

Ideas for a Fun Popcorn Kickoff

Sample Script to Sell Popcorn - Door to Door & Show and Sell

Popcorn Sales Order Form

Online Selling

Online Sale Account Setup

Online Sales FAQ

ALL STAR - $400 Forms

Milwaukee Bucks Basketball

Milwaukee Admirals Hockey

NMU Hockey

EAA List by Unit Number

EAA List by Scout Last Name

 Scout AirVenture (July 23-29, 2018) Ticket

  1. Scouts receive one day admission ticket for themselves to AirVenture 2018.  Scouts will need to enter their ticket number and proceed to the next step on the link below.  Please see the attached list of Boy Scouts with their ticket numbers.  They have until July 1, 2018, to get their ticket for AirVenture 2018.


Click the "Promotional Offer Login" button in the top bar of the Extreme Tix screen before they get a place to login the Scouts number. Then if they have multiple scouts they need to log completely out of the Extreme Tix site and close the tab and start again from your link in the email,  before the next scouts number will work properly.

  Scout Museum Pass

  1. Scouts will be allowed one free admission for themselves into the EAA Museum.  When they enter the museum, they should proceed to the gift shop desk.  The gift shop has a binder with the names of all qualifying Scouts.  The Scout should provide their name to the gift shop employee, who will then check the list and admit the Scout for free.  Each Scout has until July 1, 2018, to use this free pass.


Council Kick-off Training Video - Aug 19, 2017
*In case you need a refresher from the training

2017 Popcorn Kick-off Power Point Presentation -
Adapt These Slides for Your Own Unit Kick-off

Answers to Buying Popcorn Ojections

August 30th Make-Up Webinar

September 7th Make-Up Webinar

Scholarship Program
(Only for those with previous Scholarships)

Scholarship Paper Form

Scholarship Online Fillable Form

After completing the Scholarship fillable
form, save as a PDF and email to
Nikki.Woolf@Scouting.org, Submit
button on the form is not working.



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